PopMed Goes Live!

PopMed is alive and well and as of today PopMed “is” live!  For the past several months during our development phase, only a simple informational placeholder page was visible to the public.  A lot of testing and tweaking has gone on behind the scenes and we hope that you find the results to be worthwhile!  Thanks to all of my well-wishing family, friends,  patients and colleagues who have stood by me as I transitioned from practicing cardiologist to chief executive officer and ink-cartridge cleaner at PopMed.com.  Your support means more to me than you could ever know.

So, welcome to PopMed Blog!  Here you’ll find personal comments, musings and remembrances of the medical world from an individual’s perspective.PopMed Logo

In PopMed’s forum you can read about what concerns healthcare professionals as they discuss clinical issues and healthcare trends.  If healthcare is your profession, then you can join the discussion by becoming a forum member.

And last (or first!) visit our homepage where’ll we’ll add new features and include more in-depth coverage of health-related topics.

Thanks for visiting!   -Pop- 

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    PopMed Goes Live!